About Us

Seemo Intelligent Living is an initiative of B-Trac Solutions Ltd. which is a sister concern of Bangla Trac Ltd. Launched in 2017, it is the first in Bangladesh in home security and automation industry.

Seemo is dedicated to make your life easier, family safe and home secure. With our advanced product development team, we strive to provide you with products and services having unique and advanced features. We believe in quality, excellence and long term relationship with our customers.

With our Smart Video Doorbell, always be aware and in control of what happens at your doorstep of your home or office anytime from anywhere in the world. Be informed of any doorbell press or motion in front of your door and take action with our 2 way communication.

With our Smart Indoor Camera, you can monitor what happens inside your home or office, keep an eye and talk to your child while away, keep tab on anyone elderly or sick and protect your house during vacation.

With only our first two products, you can create an additional layer of security, controlled by you yourself, regardless of time and location. Our future products shall enable you to create a fully automated and secured home or office.

Our devices are proactive i.e. they themselves pick up motion (or other relevant data) and send you real time alerts/notifications in your smartphone. Thus, with Seemo, you can be in control of your home from anywhere in the world anytime bringing your security back in your own hands.

For any help regarding our product or service, our dedicated call center and Tech team are only a call away and would be happy to help you solve your issue ensuring long term relationship with you.


To put your security in your own hands.